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About Us

Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, A Real Good Cause is a platform created and designed to help anyone, anytime, anywhere fundraise efficiently and creatively for a cause, charity or project that is important to them.   

Fundraising in today’s economy is competitive and challenging, getting it right the first time is extremely important. Our website provides you with the platform to promote your fundraiser by using our social media tools and allows you to collect donations easily, safely and securely.

The reason for starting Arealgoodcause was simple, we wanted to provide a platform that individuals can make a difference in their communities using todays technology and keep it simple. People helping people. 

I got a phone call one night from someone I never met who told me a friend of "ours" child's bicycle was stolen. He was determined to help and buy the kid a new bike. He asked me based on the fact I knew the couple if I would support the effort. So I did. I walked down to the local Cactus Club restaurant where the caller had a friend who was a bartender that had an "envelope" for funds. When sufficient funds were available they would buy and present the bike. On the walk back from the restaurant I asked myself, self? If I lived in a different community had to pay ten dollars in gas, five dollars on parking, twenty dollars on a beer and burger all to donate ten dollars to a kid I didnt even know would I do it???? I didnt think i would..There had to be a better way. Here was the catch several weeks went by and I didnt hear a thing from anyone, no thank-you, no assurance of anything. So I called Gary the father of the victim of the stolen bike to tell him I thought there was someone out there taking advantage of his good name and exploiting cash from "our" friends. He was ecstatic to tell me not to worry!! His boy was presented a beautiful new bike and they were very happy how everyone came together. AWESOME!! The only thing that was missing was I had no idea of the success. If I didnt call to follow up, for all i knew I had been taken.  Hence the reason for a place where people can help people, inform them with updates, thank them and share ideas and plans for making a difference again and again.

We hope that this site can be a simple way for people to spread their generosity and help people in need.