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How A Real Good Cause Works

A Real Good Cause provides a way for people and organizations to showcase and raise funds for various fundraisers. A unique combination of social media technologies are available that allow users to spread the word about their specific causes in a smart, quick and easy to use way. Funds that are collected go directly to the person or organization raising money.

A Real Good Cause puts the power of social media at your fingertips to assist you or your organization to achieve your fundraising goals!

This is how it works…

  1. Create a fundraiser for free by signing up
  2. Use the dashboard to upload content about your fundraiser, telling others what your fundraiser is all about. You can add a video and/or pictures if you like.
  3. Promote it to your friends using our social media tools (facebook, twitter, email etc.)
  4. Accept secure online payments by credit card, debit and PayPal account. Funds go directly to your PayPal account minus our fee.





For Fundraisers

What do I need to get started?

Who can create a fundraiser on A Real Good Cause?

What Should I Include on My Cause page?

What should I include in my Video?

How do I promote my fundraiser?

I notice there is a “Spotlight Cause“ section. How can I get my cause on there?

What happens if a fundraiser reaches its funding goal?

Can I cancel my Cause account?

What are the PayPal requirements?

What currencies can I raise money in?

What fees does A Real Good Cause charge?



For Donators

How do I support a cause?

Who processes all the payments for donations?

What happens if a cause I donate to reaches its goal before time expires?

I have donated to a fundraiser. Can I cancel it?

How do I know the fundraiser is legitimate?


For Fundraisers 

What do I need to get started ? 

All you need to do is sign up with arealgoodcause and have a Paypal account. To Create a Paypal account click here. Please follow our Paypal requirements.

Who can create a fundraiser on A Real Good Cause 

Individuals, schools, sports teams, workplaces... anyone can log in to our website and create a ‘Cause’ Page for their fundraiser.

What Should I Include on My Cause page ? 

When organizing a fundraiser you should explain what are you trying to achieve and why you are doing it. Make it clear and descriptive. Add as much of a personal touch including photos and video clips. Explain why your cause is important. In today’s economy requests for donations for all kinds of causes and charities are in no short supply. Donors want to know where their money is going and the better job you do with your message, the better the response will be. Tell people a little bit about yourself and how you plan to use the funds raised. The more information you share, the more you will earn your supporters trust. Simply decide what it would take for you to fund a project. Full disclosure is very helpful.

What should I include in my Video ? 

Using a video is a great way to explain your Cause to others and show them your passion and energy. Most smart phones, tablets or any point & shoot cameras have video capabilities and their quality is more than sufficient. In your video explain the key points about your fundraiser and what you are trying to achieve. Be natural, involve individuals that relate to the cause and or your friends and family. Share the benefits of the success of the cause with the viewers.  Statistically, people relate well to visual media. Causes that post videos are shown to raise more money than those without.

How do I promote my fundraiser ?

Once, you have set up your Cause Page, you can use many different methods to promote your cause; we have suggested a few below. Remember, while many contributors to your cause will be from your network of family and friends, you want to leverage your ability to fundraise from the public by using the social media capabilities A Real Good Cause has to offer.

  1. Send an email to your closest family and friends explaining your fundraiser and encourage them to donate. Their donations will look great on your cause page and when you email others they will see that you have raised some money and will be more inclined to donate
  2. Spread the word through your social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. asking individuals to support your cause
  3. Your friends and family can be your greatest allies in spreading the message. In your email ask your friends and family to forward your email to as many of their friends.  Forward, forward, forward, grow exposure to your cause exponentially!
  4. Keep track, Re-promote!Re-Mind! Update your page on a regular basis. Sometimes it takes a few pokes to get your friends and contacts to donate…they won’t mind…your cause is worth it!
  5. Where and when appropriate, contact the press and get as much exposure through newspaper, radio, and TV. Post your fundraiser on blogs or online forums

Think outside the box! Get creative and start promoting your Cause!


I notice there is a “Spotlight Cause“ section. How can I get my cause on there ? 

At A Real Good Cause we decide what Cause to feature for a few reasons. We generally choose a cause that we feel is well thought out and could use the extra attention. If your cause has a compelling story with a good video there is a good chance it could be the “Spotlight Cause”.

We also look at how many “likes” you have been able to drive from your social network

What happens if a fundraiser reaches its funding goal ? 

If your cause reaches its funding goal before the time expires, you can still receive additional donations. We encourage the creator of the fundraiser to update everyone on how they will allocate the extra funds.

Can I cancel my Cause account ? 

You can delete your Cause page only if it has not raised any money. Accounts that have raised funds must stay active till the expiry date. To delete your cause please contact us.

What are the PayPal requirements ? 

You will need to have a PayPal account in order for your fundraising cause to receive donation by credit and debit card. Your PayPal account needs to meet the following five criteria:

1. Your PayPal account needs to be verified (bank account added)

2. Your email address must be confirmed (email address confirmed)

3. Your account must be a Business or Premier account which is free to create.

4. Your account must be capable of accepting the currency you've chosen. 

5. Your Payment Receiving Preferences must be set to allow "Send Money" payments


For more information on setting up PayPal please see our PayPal setup page

What currencies can I raise money in ? 

• Canadian Dollar

• U.S. Dollar

• Euro

• British Pound

What fees does A Real Good Cause charge ? 

Our platform is free to use and there is no sign-up fee. On funds raised,  A Real Good Cause charges a 5% fee, so for every $100 raised we would only take $5.00.

To help secure your donations, we use PayPal, a highly secure payment system to process all donations made to your cause and they charge between 2-3%.  For more details on Paypal fees please click here PayPal Fees.


Donating to a Cause

H ow do I support a cause  ? 

Once you’ve found the cause you want to support, click on the ‘Donate Now’ button found on the cause page. You will then be directed to PayPal where you can pay with your PayPal account, credit or debit card.

 W ho processes all the payments for donations  ? 

We use Paypal as our payment processor. PayPal is a global payment processing company trusted by millions across the world.

 W hat happens if a cause I donate to reaches its goal before time expires  ? 

The fundraiser still gets all the money that has been donated.

 I  have donated to a fundraiser. Can I cancel it ? 

Donations cannot be cancelled. Once you have completed your transaction on PayPal the money is sent to fundraiser immediately. If you require a refund, you will need to contact the fundraiser directly. We at A Real Good Cause cannot guarantee that you will receive a refund.

H ow do I know the fundraiser is legitimate  ? 

We strongly encourage everyone to do their due diligence and to donate to causes and people they trust. Think of who referred you to the fundraiser and if you know them. We do not investigate creators of the cause and their validity but they all adhere to our strict Terms of service.


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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